Switching to us

Switching to us is incredibly easy, especially if you are already using FreeAgent to manage your accounts. Though, even if you aren’t using FreeAgent we will make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Most of our clients have switched from other providers, either with FreeAgent, or other contractor accountancy firms with their own internally developed software.

Switching with FreeAgent

If you are already using FreeAgent to record your sales and expenses then switching to us is really straightforward

  1. Ask your accountant to remove your FreeAgent account from their dashboard
  2. Cancel your direct debit with them
  3. And, we will do the rest

Yes, it really is that simple! You get to keep your FreeAgent account, with all of your historic data. 

Switching without FreeAgent

If you’re not on FreeAgent the process is slightly more time-consuming but it should still be hassle-free providing that your former accountants are professional and cooperative.

From our experience dealing with transfers it generally takes around 1 – 2 weeks to switch your account over to us (but it can take longer if the outgoing accountant is particularly ‘busy’).

If you are worried that your accountant will create issues during the switch we can plan ahead and gather up all of the required information before we contact them to make the switch. This means that your accountant cannot hold you hostage.

If they are particularly uncooperative then we can complain to their professional body (assuming they are qualified) which, as you can image, tends to speed up the process. 

Contact us today if you are ready to start the switch over process.

Benefits of switching to us

  1. £59/month (plus no VAT) and no hidden charges or extra costs for company closure, references, second pay slips, second tax returns etc. You get complete certainty of your accountancy fees.
  2. We work as a Qdos Contractor introducer firm, and can also provide a 10% discount for the following insurance products: Professional indemnity, Public employer’s liability, Tax enquiry insurance, and Tax liability insurance.
  3. A lower fee of £29/month (plus no VAT) is available if your company has not raised any invoices or been paid for 3 complete calendar months, and your accounting needs are reduced.
  4. We work off-peak hours. Monday – Friday 7PM – 9PM, and Saturday – Sunday 9AM – 7PM. We are available when you are.
  5. You get provided with a FreeAgent account, paid for by us. This makes your life easier as this is a great software for managing your accounts, and it makes it easy for you to switch accountants in the future if you wish to. We’d never want to tie our customers down, you should have complete freedom to change accountants whenever you wish.
  6. We also try our best to provide a proactive monthly tax newsletter on our website, to keep you up to date with tax tips and tax-efficient advice. You should also add us on LinkedIn for proactive tax advice in our posts.
  7. The £59/month flat rate is just that, as we do not charge VAT on top of our monthly accountancy fees. This should help any contractor, freelancer, locum, interim, or consultant who prefers using the flat rate scheme for VAT rather than the standard scheme.
  8. You will be looked after by a qualified accountant/business owner, with over 10 years of accountancy and tax experience across multiple firms. You will not ever be dealing with unqualified trainees or apprentices.
  9. We reply to the majority of emails received within 24 hours.
  10. We are also insured by Trafalgar Insurance Company Limited. Our insurance has worldwide territorial coverage excluding the USA and Canada.